NTR Remuneration for Bigg Boss Telugu Per Episodes

Bigg boss house most favorite place for all Telugu peoples. all are waiting for big boss episodes. telugu tv sectors are growing by leaps and bounds day by day trip going view high on the market. Hollywood stars all looking at next season of the big boss show. all eyes looking at big boss movements. most interesting, special tv shows in Telugu states. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh peoples waiting for next episodes.

NTR Remuneration for Bigg Boss Telugu Episodes

After so many stars Hollywood industry and star maa big boss makers looking for next host. Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna always shows their impact on tv shows. Very interesting much known valid information gain much impact on tv shows. Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna appeared host as Meelo yevaru kotiswarudu show. after so many days Rana daggubati has already started his talk show. Rana daggubati as Viu app’s No.1 yaari show, which is telecasted on Zee Telugu candidates. Bigg boss Telugu reality show information, full day to day episodes. reality show specialties in the show, majority of the audience are very known policy.

NTR Remuneration for big boss Telugu episodes, ntr charging huge remuneration for hosting the show. for season 2 Young tiger ntr demanding huge remuneration money for season 2. Bigg boss launch event host performances. Makers looking for another host, Ntr Responded on the remuneration topic. all set to go the best hope for next seasons.

For first season Star maa offered a huge amount. he mentioned ” Thanks to star maa for offering me decent money” rumors say that Ntr will give for highest knowing plans. Young tiger Ntr said charging a huge amount for season1. as per sources information, NTR Said to be charging 50 lakhs for episodes, for a month she comes weekends only Saturday and Sundays only. Total 8 episodes as host. 4 Crores for one-month episodes. A huge amount of ntr. more will go for Bigg boss Telugu season 2 show. NTR Will not attend all the episodes. he takes 12 crores for the film. Highest remuneration in NTR Carrer.

All contestants take huge amount. taking the high amount of remuneration it seems. Sampoornesh Babu taking 10 lakhs in remunerations. Others Dhanaraj, Mumaith Khan, Shiva, Balaji, Sameer, Adarsh are taking 7 lakhs each one. For winner takes 50 lakhs. Madhu Priya, Archana, Kalpana, Jyothi, sameer taking 2lakhs for episodes. The big amount for remunerations. Even the remuneration will be common for the participants for last 3rd or 4th week. Big price amount for Bigg boss participants. NTR Big Boss Show Contestants Remuneration

NTR Hosting the programming very well and NTR fans are very happy with his energetic performance all over. Final deal star maa Paying 50 Lakhs to NTR for a single episode. Star Maa TV to Jr NTR for hosting Telugu version of the show Bigg Boss at ₹8 crore

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