Hari Teja Shared Her Bigg Boss House experiences with TV9 Media

Hariteja Shares her Experiences on Bigg Boss House with Tv9 media. she wins lacks heart. shows her talents. Hariteja again proved she multi-talented at the same time, the show shows sincerity on tasks, rules regulations. Many people watching big boss for Hariteja only. she manipulator everyone. day by day increased josh on big boss houses.

Tv9 Telugu Hariteja Bigg Boss House Experiences Interview

Showing attitude matter somewhere. but just for fun entertainment base line. She shows very unique talents. singing, dancing, performing dubbings, involving in tasks. real behavior different than what she speaks in front of the camera. we can analysis overview of Hari Teja.

She never disappoints us in a single episode. watching every episode with lots of entertainment fun. Some people commented on her. ” you are talented but sometimes its looks like showing attitude ” but that attitude is a beauty for her. many interesting comments on Hari Teja.

Hariteja is actually a really good contestant, well performer also. in fact, she also deserved the chance for winning. around 3 lakhs 50 votes she registred. she should keep up her talents and appear more in films, now she is busy in serials, tv shows. Bigg Boss Telugu season 1 hosted by Young tiger Jr NTR has finished after the 70 days in season 1.

Ntr gains good reviews from everywhere. awesome show in Telugu language and Better entertainer than Kannada, Tamil Bigg boss shows. Young tiger Ntr host performances were fabulous when compared to Kamal Hassan, kicha sudeepa. for this hardworking, they receive Highest Trp rating ever. and all good eyes on the show. First ever reality game show in Telugu BIGBOSS is a huge success in Television.

Check Out Youtube Video, Bigg Boss Hariteja Shared Inner feelings, Expressing her view with TV9 Media – Video

It became an awesome reality show in Telugu audience lifetime. most of the candidates changed their day schedule with big boss show timings. a lot of expectations or entertainment was expected day by day. entertain the viewers in the 2nd edition of the show due to personal reasons team of big boss searching host for big boss Telugu season 2. The season 2 of Bigg Boss Telugu will be aired on Star Maa.

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