Bigg Boss Telugu Show Voting Process,Missed Call Google Votes

Bigg boss show most loved show in the Telugu language. The Bigg Boss Telugu language Show will be telecasted on Star Maa every day at 9:30 pm daily. The NTR hosted Bigg Boss Season 1 Live telecasted on 9.30 pm only on Star maa channel on weekdays and 9 pm on weekends (Sat & Sun). every weekend special programs with host Young Tiger Jr NTR is hosting the first season of the Telugu version of Bigg Boss on Star Maa channel very interesting graceful performances. His hosting skills mesmazied all.

Bigg Boss Telugu Show Voting Process, Missed Call Service

The show begins in Star Maa TV Channel with 14 celebrity contestants can get best from various categories. Telugu show Bigg Boss Voting Poll will be conducted every time Elimination process, eviction process each week to eliminate one contestant from the show. Star maa Bigg Boss Telugu show first episode kick-started on 16th July 2017. the voting process, elimination step by step process. The online poll for Contestants has begun and audiences can cast their vote for favorite Eviction contestants easily. many methods available for voting.

The show is already a hit in Tamil languages which is hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan in Region language. know more about the voting process, Eviction Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Poll is conducted every week to eliminate one contestant from the big boss house and the person with the least vote will be eliminated every week. the elimination candidate name announced The show has now completed various episodes middle of the show and many contestants have already evicted from the house with Audiences votes. anyone can vote for the big boss fav. stars Cast your Valuable votes online, google process through online using the mobile numbers Missed call process provided here or else search for Bigg Boss Telugu Voting on google for voting. 

What is a big boss show? real plans know about all details. Bigg Boss is the Indian version of the international series Big Brother. it original version big brother it translated into all languages. The Hindi version of the show completed more than 14 seasons, Hindi version show was hosted by Salman Khan. Also, the Tamil version completed many shows. tamil version big boss show telecasted on Vijay tv, Asian net tv, and host by Kamal Hassan. Now it has stepped into Telugu and the show host by Tollywood Star Actor Jr. NTR. all eyes on Telugu shows.

Know about Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting Process Step by step instructions mentioned here. The Audience can cast their voting process through missed call or through online step by step methods. So, here are the complete details regarding Bigg Boss Telugu Votings. know simple steps methods big boss show Simply follow the process to cast your valuable vote for everyone. The users have to initially log in with their valid Gmail accounts and then it is possible to Vote for their favorite bigg boss participants. The easy process mentioned below. Just follow carefully.

First of all. search On the Google page type, ”Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” or ” Star Maa Bigg BossTelugu Voting” Search rank search engine shows best results
in the top of Google search ranking pages, you can see List of contestants names will appear on the screen. (every week changed due to elimination candidates)
Click on your favorite Contestant which are showing on the google page and select your number of votes from the voting bar beside the image. click on the image.
Increase bar with the vote count
Vote for Fav. contestant him/her by just clicking the ‘Continue’ Option over there.
That’s it. Voting process simple. The audience can vote a maximum of 50 votes to their favorite contestant every day.

Bigg Boss Telugu voting process, google votes counting, missed call feature votes counts presented last day. Bigg Boss will be overseeing them and give tasks and instructions every day. Star performances every time. The housemates bigg boss are constantly monitored 24/7 through 60 cameras installed inside the house. Bigg Boss recorded every participant activities. to vote your favorite contents just giving a missed call to their favorite contestants by missed call services, Google vote service. then can vote their favorite contestant’s easy way.

The Bigg Boss Voting Numbers Every housemate should nominate two other co-participants in Every weekend plans. by this tasks big boss game going tough every day. The person who received the most number of the vote from housemates will be nominated for the public poll for weekend provided here. no one can save participants. Only viewers, Audiences can only save participants from elimination zone. During the program, the audiences can vote their Fav. stars will be asked to cast their vote easily for the shortlisted participants can give best services whom they want to save from eviction from the program.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season Elimination programs. The poll is going to be live from Sunday evening to Saturday time Special programs arrangements of day and viewers can get best results all time. it will solidly vote for his or her favorite contestants can create best for all from online or missed call services.  Bigg boss nominees of this week eviction and Elimination process. You can vote for the person whom you wish to save the vote for Fav. stars. The person with the least votes will be eliminated for Weekends. in every weekend one person with lesser votes will get evicted from the house.

Bigg Boss Voting process going tough week by week. To vote online audience is possible for any viewer who has a mobile number. Just missed call to save fav. Star, You can vote the Bigg Boss Housemates who got listed for elimination process live a missed call services or vote online for your favorite contestant by giving your vote on Google Search Results. The two methods by which you can vote for your favorite contestant.

Missed call services, google Vote process One is through Bigg Boss voting online and the other one is by Missed call Services for register your Voting.  All bigg Boss Contestant will not be allowed to use any devices like Mobile, Television, the Internet, Social media and phone calls. Strickly rules in bigg boss houses. Bigg Boss contestants who got less number of the votes from the public (Audience) through both Bigg Boss vote online and also through missed call, Google voting process decides who will leave the house.

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